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Hôtel Silver - Vintage 6" Round Low Bowl With Rolled Rim

Hôtel Silver - Vintage 6" Round Low Bowl With Rolled Rim

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This lovely vintage Hôtel Silver coaster/round bowl is perfect for serving either your favorite champagne or petite hors-d'oeuvres. As versatile as it is beautiful, this low bowl will be a favorite in your entertaining ensemble for sure.

The vintage offerings in our collection are restored and re-plated in pure silver in London for Hôtel by longtime silversmiths. Even with restoration, some of the pieces may sport more patina than others due to their unique history and use which we think only adds to their character and allure.

Hôtel Silver is everyday luxury at its best. Hôtel has been featured in numerous publications over the years including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Elle Decor, Food & Wine, House Beautiful, House & Garden, Southern Living, Town & Country, Victoria, W Magazine and others.

Hotel Silver is distinguished by its functional design, durability, and classic clean lines. Crafted by some of the most renowned silversmiths of the day, the pieces were made to withstand the daily service in hotels, restaurants, cafés, private clubs, shipping and railway lines. Sterling silver serveware would not have held up to the constant use in bustling commercial establishments. A base of nickel and other alloys, including copper, gives the hotel silver its signature heft and luxe silver-plating its timeless elegance.

Caring For Hôtel Silver

Easy to clean! We recommend washing Hôtel Silver with warm soapy water after use. The more you use and enjoy the Hôtel Silver, the less you have to polish the pieces. When tarnished, we recommend gentle, easy-to-use silver polish such as Twinkle or Wrights. Both brands come with a sponge and are used at the sink with water. A soft towel is best for drying the pieces.

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